August 2023 News & Updates

We can’t even believe we’re well into August!!  The Staff of the Garden of the Gulf Museum are having a fantastic season!  We have been receiving wonderful feedback about how great the Museum is looking and our new exhibits, from all of our visitors both local and from away.  For those of you who are hoping to make it in, we are open to the public until mid September.

Our Historical Walking Tour of Montague has been going fantastic…. Having lots of fun with them.  We had a really fun time on the walk with the office staff of Three Rivers Town Hall.  This walk will be happening on Thursday mornings for the month of August.

A huge highlight is our Free Admission day during the Arts and Culture Festival.  We had 98 people through that day.  One of whom being Louise Legault, who at 74 years young, was on her last 80 km of over 700 on her island walk. Amazing woman with some incredible stories and words of wisdom.  She wanted to take a picture with all the staff.

Town Hall walk participants

Town Hall Walk Participants

Louise and Staff

Louise (center, red hat) & Museum Staff

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Thank you so much for all the continued support!