The Artifactory

The Garden of the Gulf Museum is fortunate to have a separate climate-controlled building for storage of all artifacts not currently in use at the museum for display or as accessible records to the public. At any one time the majority of the museum’s precious possessions are in storage rather than on display.

If you are thinking the artifactory is just a warehouse full of “old stuff”, you’d be half correct. It is a warehouse but very specialised with temperatures and humidity regulated to preserve the items stored within. Cooler temperatures delay decay. Humidity and/or condensation can lead to mold. Improper packaging can lead to rips, scuffs, and dust. Museum preservation is study and a science unto itself. Every item beside being meticulously packaged for storing, is also numbered and catalogued.

It is the duty of a museum such as ours to preserve and protect all those items that have come into our possession, many by donation. History is fragile. It is the museum’s duty to preserve the papers, books, records, household implements, tools and so on of our past so we can inform our future and those of our descendants to come.


Breaking ground 2011

Artifactory-inside construction

Working on the interior, Dec 2011

Artifactory-All finished



Shelving awaiting artifacts


Stored artifacts

Artifactory-Building today

Artifactory today, 20 Sullivan’s Lane, Montague

Do you have a historical item that you would like to donate and preserve for future generations?

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