September 2011

Storage Facility Update

HOW EXCITING!!!! This picture was taken on Sept 4th by our curator Donna Collings… it’s hard to believe that the buildings outside is almost finished!

Garden of the Gulf Artifactory

Sept.07, 2011

Exciting Times

After our monthly Board Meeting last night we have a couple of exciting things to report. Firstly, our Storage Facility should be finished by mid October. So great to know that our artefacts will be in a secure, climate controlled environment in a few short weeks. Secondly, renovations on the third floor of the Museum are set to start around the first of October. After renos are complete we will open the third floor to the public. It was the apartment of the caretaker and so the display will be that of an apartment. Huge and exciting project. Last but not least there has been a call put forth for new board members. If interested let us know.

Sept.14, 2011