Reviews & Testimonials

I’ve been wanting to visit this museum for quite a while so it was a real joy to finally visit and see what a gem this museum is. It’s fairly small but it’s packed with interesting local history. The building itself is also interesting. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and visitors are also encouraged to take as much time as they wish to browse the exhibits.

Margaret G.

Hubby and I visited this museum, honestly just to escape the heat of the afternoon, they had mentioned it was air-conditioned on the sign outside. Boy are we glad we did! If you like to learn about the history of a place, this museum is so well laid out that it was a pleasure to walk through all the exhibits and learn what Montague was like 100-150 years in the past

Jennifer W.

Very nice museum. Had a guided tour by a very nice young lady. Quite knowledgeable and provided a couple ‘nice to know’ tidbits about the area. Admission was very reasonable and you don’t regret paying it. Well worth the visit. 

Chris B.

“This is the first time our boys put down their video games since we’ve been on vacation” (The boys were busy learning as they explored the museum during their scavenger hunt while their parents enjoyed a guided-tour of the Garden of the Gulf Museum.)

Visitor to P.E.I.

The museum provides an excellent way for visitors and local residents to learn about the history of the town and the Three Rivers area of PEI. It really gives an accurate picture of life in earlier times. 

Local Resident

A visit to the Museum is an important part of learning about the history of this part of PEI. Along with the Roma settlement and Orwell Corner, you can get a pretty good picture of early times in Eastern PEI.

New Montague Resident

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