May 2014

Events, Lectures, And Museum Madness

Well, we are in full scale plan mood here at the Garden of the Gulf Museum.  From Lunch time Lectures, Evening Presentations, Children’s Education Programming and of course Fundraising Events.  It takes an enormous amount of time to research and plan such things.  Coming up with ideas by researching what other small historic community museums do, then deciding if we have the time, volunteers, energy and/or funds to pull these ideas together.  

Once the Museum Board decides to run with an idea then the real work and planning begin.  Accompanied by the worrying if it’ll go smoothly.  I’ve actually discovered a real love for event planning in the last number of years while being here at the Museum.  I can’t wait to run with some of the ideas for this season.  Keep your eyes and ears open for event listings as they are announced.  The children’s programming will be seeing a few changes this year and we will adding a few events that will involve the community.

Museum May 2014

May 23, 2014