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May 20, 2011

CMA Annual General Meeting

This past Saturday we attended the Annual Community Museum Association (CMA) meeting. This year the meeting was held at Orwell Corner Historic Village. We received a wonderful tour of the village, the Museum, and the nearby Sir Andrew MacPhail homestead.It was a wonderful day and the Garden of the Gulf Museum had two staff members presented with awards.

Hugh Graham, received the first ever Dr. Willie Eliot Research Award for his endless work and research on the history of Harness Racing in Eastern PEI. Some of this has gone into a wonderful exhibit at our Museum called “At the Oval”, there has also been a PowerPoint production that contains one of a kind photos found in his search. This PowerPoint presentation has been very popular and can be purchased at the Garden of the Gulf Museum for only $20.00.

The second staff member is Connie Spencer, (Assistant Curator). She received the Advance Targeted Museum Training Certificate Level 3. She is the first to complete this level of training with the CMA’s new training programming available. This completed training has to do with the Handling and Conservation of artefacts.

Both Hugh and Connie will be in our local community newspaper, “The Eastern Graphic”.

Our Curator, Donna Collings presented a fantastic Curator’s Report for this year. Touching on keypoints of our busy and productive year.

A huge thank you to our staff that took the time out of their Saturday to attend the meeting, and to the volunteers at the MacPhail homestead for the tour, and at Orwell Historic Village for and awesome tour, being such great hosts, and of course the very yummy homemade chicken vegetable soup!

May 30, 2011