June 2013

A Workshop And A Meeting

Last week consisted of a mad scramble to finish ‘dressing’ the Museum and the Artifactory. Discussions were had and plans are in motion for celebrations for the 125th Anniversary of our building that houses the museum.  We even had a few tourists around.  

On Friday I was able to attend a very informative workshop about Experiential Tourism.  The couple who ran the workshop were Mary and Bill Kendrick, who are the owner/operators of Experience PEI.  It was a wonderful day!  Tons of ideas racing about potential things we could do at the Museum and in the town of Montague.  Thank you to the speakers and the organizers.  Also, the food we had at Sir Isaac’s was awesome!  Thanks to Anne and the serving staff.

On Saturday, we hosted the Annual Meeting for the Community Museum’s Association of PEI at the Garden of the Gulf Museum’s Artifactory.  Always a pleasure to meet with other members of our PEI museum community who share the love and passion for heritage.  The combination of great company, an awesome guest speaker, a fantastic meal put on by the Hillcrest United Women’s Institute and encouraging information about potential funding available made for one of the best CMA meetings I’ve ever attended.  Lots of ideas emerged which excited Donna and I further about this years season.  Thanks to all who came and made it such a great success.

June 3, 2013

Notes From June

June has proved once again to be a very busy and fulfilling month at work.  New exhibits are up, fresh paint has dried and we’re open to the public once again.  Already we have hosted tours with people from as close as the Eastern United States and as far away as France and England.  Third floor exhibition area is looking fantastic!  
We have received exciting news from an archaeologist about our native artifacts.  Apparently they’re much older then we believed them to be.  An investigation is underway.

June 20, 2013