July 2012

Summer Tour Guides

Our Summer Tour Guides are trained and ready to roll this summer.  They are Leah Jordan and Lily Klein. Pictured here they are busy polishing a Trophy for our Sports in Eastern PEI exhibit. They’ve been busy planning our Museum Madness Program for the summer which they’re very excited about. 

We’re going to have a fun summer!!!!

Tour Guides July 2012

July 6, 2012

Summer Thus Far

So far we’ve been having a great summer here at the Garden of the Gulf Museum. People have been in for tours from as local as next door and as far away as Australia. We’ve also been busy getting new donations documented and organizing this years Museum Madness kids Program which is looking to be a great success. If you haven’t done so yet this year, come in for a tour and support our Community Museum and Heritage Building. We look forward to seeing you.  

July 16, 2012

Kids Connection 2012

Our “Kids Connection” tour of 44 children went very well this morning.  All of them were very well behaved and asked loads of great questions. 

 Looking forward to seeing them again next year.

Kids Connection July 2012

July 20, 2012