July 2011

Lecture with Jack Whytock

The fundraiser lecture with Dr Jack Whytock was a huge success last night with 65 in attendance. As always the talk was entertaining and educational. It was on Rev. Donald Macdonald and the architecture of the church of Scotland. Very lovely pictures where shown in slides of various churches in Scotland and here on PEI. We even got to hear a few tunes on the fiddle. A HUGE thank you again to Jack Whytock and everyone who attended.

July 19, 2011

Storage Facility

Exciting week for all of us involved with the Museum. The construction has began on the New Storage Facility. This awesome new building will house our wonderful and growing collection from the Garden of the Gulf Museum. There will be tons of room, a work area, an isolation area, and it will also be climate controlled. This has been a dream for a number of years and it’s simply amazing seeing it happen. What a great thing to help preserve

Come show your support for the Garden of the Gulf Museum.

July 28, 2011

Storage Facility

Here’s a shot taken by Donna Collings of the progress on the new Storage Facility. SO EXCITING!!!

July 29, 2011