Looking Back to a Summer at the Museum

August 27th, 2022

This summer was my second year as a Tour Guide at the Museum. I’m glad I returned.

A lot has changed since 2021. This summer was busy, particularly in July at the peak of tourism season. There were certainly fewer people last year. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world– just this week, a family from England paid us a visit! 

We’ve had guests closer to home, too. You’d be surprised how many Montague locals stop by – I often hear “I’ve wanted to come in for years, but I just kept putting it off!” When I give them a tour, I often find that I learn a lot from them. They point out the family members mentioned in our exhibits, and talk about the stores they wished were still there. I tried to pass their stories along to the next visitors when I could.

Even on quiet days, there is a lot to do. I did research, I prepared for events, and I got ready for the Boys and Girls Club each week. If not any of those, I cleaned. I loved being here, even on the quiet days.

I’ve also helped to rearrange and update exhibits that needed a change. I’m starting my second year studying history at UPEI soon, and having hands-on experience at the museum has made me much more confident in my ability to put that new knowledge to use.

I hope everyone who I gave a tour this year learned something new. I hope that I have the chance to do meaningful work like this in the future. Most of all, I hope whoever finds themself in my position next has as much of a formative experience here as I did!

  • Greta Blackwell, Museum Tour Guide