Ghost Stories of Three Rivers | Oct 2023

Photos from the night’s events

Ghost stories Connie

Connie, our curator & manager, with ghostly stories of the 3rd floor

Special guest story tellers

Ghost stories creepy dolls from the Artifactory collection

Dolls from the museum’s collection

Is this Nellie Fraser who supposedly haunts our museum?

2023 Hallowe’en Event

You are invited to attend the ghost stories event Thursday, Oct 26, 7 PM at Copper Bottom Brewing Co. across from the Museum on Parkman Avenue. Tickets are available at the door, $15 per person. Be there early as this was a very successful and enjoyable event last year and the venue will fill up! You are also invited to dress in costume if you wish.
Is there a ghost or two at the Museum? And many more stories from the community from great story tellers including our own Connie Spencer, Jackie MacNeil, Graham Putnam, & more!
For further information, please email the Museum Manager/Curator Connie Spencer at

Event ghost stories of three rivers 2023