August 20th, 2022


It is now halfway through August, only two weeks left of summer before school starts, and here, at the Museum, we have been keeping busy.

This is my first year as an Operations Manager, and I spent most of June and July familiarizing myself with the Museum exhibits and the vast array of artifacts housed in the Artifactory. It is quite an experience to get a view into the fascinating history of the Three Rivers area. So many stories to tell, so many memories to share. Each day there is something new to discover, something new to learn about.

In this quest to learn more about the Town’s, but also the Museum’s history, I have been accompanied by Greta Blackwell, our Museum Tour Guide, who is spending their second summer at the Museum, and Connie Spencer, the Museum Development Coordinator. 

We’ve been busy planning out activities for the Boys and Girls Club, researching new exhibits, and coming up with engaging programming for the summer and fall.

Overall, we are very lucky to have such a great building, the old Post and Customs Office, to house our varied exhibits, the Artifactory that serves as a humidity and temperature-controlled storage facility for the Museum’s nearly 5000 artifacts, and the support of the Town of Three Rivers, without which the Museum would have been long gone, and with it all the hard work of its current and former Board members, employees, volunteers and donors.

The Museum has gone through many phases during its lifetime, and we hope that the current summer will serve as a mere beginning for the next chapter in the Museum’s life and the community that it serves.


Ramona Pal-Kovacs

Operations Manager